Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's Not You, It's Us

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Skatepark Design Trends

In the past few years we have noticed new skatepark design trends emerging that we are proud to be a part of. We are pleased to see that design trends are ever evolving with the needs and wants of the industry.

New Skatepark Design Trends: GREEN Design, Aesthetic Design and Design Style

Green Design is not a new aspect to Pillar Design Studios. As Landscape Architects protecting the environment and reducing our carbon point print has always been an important issue of ours. We are pleased to see this trend gain speed and be promoted throughout the action sports industry. When we consider green architecture, we go beyond incorporating landscape cut outs into our designs but also include recycled materials and environmentally sound drainage. To ensure we stay up to date on this very important aspect of design, we not only attend continual education classes but also are a part of an environmental coalition.  

Key Elements to Green Design
·        Incorporation of Native Plants
·        Environmental friendly Stormwater Management
·        Minimizing the disturbance of the natural topography of the site
·        Incorporating Recycled Material

ASETHIC Design, no longer does a Skatepark consist of a large slab of concrete with an eight foot fence around it. Instead when designing a  Skatepark consider the natural topography of the site, utilizing what you have available to you and incorporating the Skatepark into its natural surroundings. By incorporating landscaping, skateable artwork, seating areas, etc. the Skatepark becomes an enjoyable space for all the community to enjoy, users and non-users alike.  Your Skatepark should enhance the local environment and give a sense of pride to all.

DESIGN STYLE, we have seen a major change in the last few years in regards to design style. In the past we found that more of the younger skaters would prefer and ask for street skating elements, while the older more experienced skaters ask for designs with transitions, such as bowls. We have noticed a very exciting trend that is moving towards more well rounded parks. This type of skatepark design offers a little something for everyone to enjoy, instead of designing for one specific type of style of skating. Another great aspect to this trend is more and more skaters become versatile skaters, growing with their parks and no longer establishing themselves as a street or transition skateboarders.
We are proud to be a part of this continually changing industry and will continue to grow and adapt to the meet the needs of our clients and of course the end user.

What trends are you seeing in your skate community or at recent visits to skateparks? Please leave a comment and share...

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